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The Basics: What is gamification?

We love a good game. (Except for Monopoly. Monopoly is for monsters.) So needless to say, we enjoy adding gamification to our eLearning courses. But all of this might be more informative by starting with what gamification is, besides being the current buzz word in about 10 different industries right now.

Gamification is when we apply game like thinking to something that wouldn't typically be a game. So within eLearning design, that means using video game like elements to increase a learner's engagement and retention. Check this example of gamification we created to get a better sense of what I mean: Ride Share App Training.

Benefits of adding gamification to eLearning training include:

1. The learner is having FUN, while learning. This can keep them more extrinsically motivated to really take in the material from the training.

2. Provides instant feedback. Either they know the material or they don't. The game element will let them know right away what they need to re-review.

3. Impacts YOUR bottom lines. The whole point of training is to TRAIN your employees, if adding gamification will help your learner, well learn, we're going to do it.

We offer a service specifically for creating gamification elements. This is great if you already have a training course created or a class lined up for your employees. Reach out to us here and we'll get gamification implemented into your training.



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