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The Basics: Why do you need an Instructional Designer?

First off, what is an Instructional Designer you may ask? Well that is what we call ourselves! We design and develop “instructions” for how to do stuff! We personally do not develop instructions for board games or IKEA furniture, but what we do make instructions for is things like your new office policy or procedure. So why do you need an Instructional Designer to help you develop training? Here is a simple example.

You say: “But I wrote the new office procedure, I know it so well I’ll just make the training myself!”

Well sure you could make a powerpoint that discusses main topics points, or maybe you’ll just quickly go over the new procedure in an upcoming meeting, everyone will catch on to the new way of doing things! Right?

Maybe everyone will grasp the new procedure if it is very simple and you add some pizzaz to keep everyone’s attention during your presentation, but the chances will be slim if the procedure complicated. If this new procedure is essential to the livelihood of your business, it’s always best to ask for some help from a training developer.

An Instructional Designer will look at what you need to teach and help decide the best way to teach it, guaranteeing that your new procedure will be taught to your team with the best chance for retention. The designer may advise you go with something as simple as a printable quick reference guide or a full on eLearning course.

Want to see some cool training? Check out our portfolio here.



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