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Spotlight: Discovering Philadelphia

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Any Hall and Oates fans out there? Because it's ♬ another falllllll in Philadelphia ♬. And that means it is our favorite season for exploring the city. The weather in Philly is slowly becoming a bit cooler, the leaves are changing and you can wander the city for hours.

In honor of our fair city, we've put together an eLearning training tutorial on Philadelphia's history and the many vibrant neighborhoods you should be checking out on your next visit!

The Discovering Philly training tutorial features sliding information, which replaces the use of standard bullet points. Modern takes like this can increase a learner's retention. Simply put, it keeps them on their toes! This Philadelphia eLearning tutorial also includes an interactive neighborhood map. Click on each neighborhood to learn its' name and a bit about each. (Our favorites include Northern Liberties and Fishtown!)

Insider Tip: When you go to check out the Liberty Bell, if there is a huge line, you can walk around the building and see it very clearly from a window of the building that houses it.


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