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Spotlight: App Training

The TFD Ride-Sharing app, the best way to catch a ride in Philadelphia. Ok, not real, but the eLearning tutorial we created for this faux-app is! This design from our portfolio features not only our signature style but several other features that showcase the possibilities of an eLearning when working with us.

1. Audio: You'll notice we use a voiceover in this tutorial. This walks the learner through the steps of using the app.

2. Interactive clicking: This tutorial requires the learner to click through the steps of using the app versus just hearing what the steps are. Actual scenarios and real-life use of the content when learning is one of (if not ) the best ways to learn.

3. Clean design: The design we use for this tutorial is simple, yet effective. You'll notice at no point during the tutorial do we use bullet points to list out the steps of using the app. Instead, we use small pop-ups throughout the tutorial to aid in what steps the learner should take when using the app.

Want to see more of our work? You can view our portfolio here: Portfolio


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