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Spotlight: Modern Design 1

Today we are featuring some of our work! This represents the modern style we use when designing and developing eLearning courses. But this design does more than look pretty. Some highlights are below.

Design: Overall, this design has a modern feel. Information moves throughout the screen instead of being written out line by line. We use moving graphs, bright colors and beautifully crisp and clear photos to keep the learner's attention.

Animation: You'll notice the use of animation when presenting the content. We are constantly battling bullet points at Two First Designs, but understand that most of our clients use them, because they feel comfortable with them! The animation allows us to present the content in an engaging way. It keeps our learner's eyes moving about the screen as content pops in and out of the slide.

Engagement: We also don't simply "give" the learner the content in this design. We are using a "click to progress" design that requires the learner to do something besides reading.

But don't take our word for it. Try the Demo yourself!


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