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Discovering Philadelphia: Halloween

Halloween time in the city. The leaves are bright red and orange, making walks around the city visually, so much better. We love to take inspiration for our training and eLearning designs from our surroundings, so these changes in color and weather have been quite invigorating to our upcoming eLearning and training projects! As we gather inspiration from around the city, we’d like to share some Halloween inspired activities we’ll be checking out over the next week!

This Philly attraction is without a doubt our city’s most popular Halloween activity. It is pretty much a giant haunted house in a place that is actually haunted. And it is scary. You can choose to be completely immersed in the terror, where you can be grabbed or even separated from your group. Pricing differs during the week, weekends being the most expensive at $44, while a weeknight will cost you $29.

2. Halloween Themed Pop Up Bars – Midtown Village

Philly has two pop up Halloween themed bars this year, Haunt (located on the second floor of The Pearl Tavern – 1123 Walnut) and Nightmare Before Tinsel (116 S 12th St.) Nightmare before tinsel has a selfie room of babydoll heads. Need we say more? We’d recommend hitting these two pops up for a happy hour on a weekend day to avoid the weekend mob!

"Ghost Ship" is a light and water art installation along the pier. The exhibition is hard to explain, but it is an 18th-century “ghost ship.” Do a quick google and you’ll see what we mean! (Plus, the pier has a pop-up beer garden to compliment this art installation.)

What's your favorite thing about Philadelphia at Halloween time? Let us know what we should be checking out!



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