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The Office: Behind the big ol' ears of our mascot.

Everyone who works in our office... dog person. Don't get us wrong though, cats are cool too! Jake's "master" is Taylor, the head designer here at Two First Designs. But Jake's ease of being able to hold glasses on his face for long periods of time told us that he would be a perfect mascot for Two First Designs. His demeanor full of fun and energy perfectly encompasses the eLearning and training designs we create.

Five fun things to know about Jake.

1. Jake is a native born Texan.

2. He likes long walks on the beach.

3. He will try and snag a sip of you beer if you leave it unoccupied.

4. HATES carrots. Spits 'em right out.

5. Jake is part Rhodesian Ridgeback, but is a pint sized Ridgeback, he only weights 50 pounds.

You can follow along Jake's fun time in the offices over on our instagram @twofirstdesigns



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