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Discovering Philadelphia: Election Day

As training and eLearning professionals, we believe that preparation is key. And that means that even though we don’t have a presidential election this year, there is still plenty to vote for on this upcoming Election Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, in Philadelphia and around the country, but you need to know where and what you're voting for! Use the info below as a quick training guide into what to expect for Election Day!

Click above to find out WHERE you go to vote! When you enter a polling place, chances are there will be multiple tables for you to check-in at. Make sure you go to the right table based on your last name to expedite the process of getting into that booth. Last year, I personally was bounced between two polling places one street apart because I simply went to the wrong table at the get-go!

Click on the link above to find out what will be on your local ballot on voting day. Click “Find What’s on Your Ballot” and enter your address. This will show you all the races that will be on your ballot when you vote. This includes not on the positions up for election, but your area's referendums as well. Now you can do your research!

After you do above and discover what is going to be on your ballot, you can click “Make Selection” to view who is running for the specified office. You’ll then be able to click each candidate to see their views and experience!

If you're not registered to vote yet, you won't be able to vote in this general election, but you can register here to do so. Do it now, so you don't forget and can vote in the upcoming primaries this spring!


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