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One of the videos from the tutorial showing the process for a loader operator.



For this project, our client was facing the challenge of implementing a new procedure to record time in process for multiple roles within the company. The new process required each employee to scan a specific barcode as they completed each step of their job throughout each and every transaction they handled throughout the day. This new process needed to be rolled out with a firm understanding of the new procedures to ensure the accuracy of the time in process recording.

We made use of a combination of videos and eLearning for this project. The videos explained the entirety of the process. This ensured our client’s employees would fully grasp their personal role in the new procedure and how using the barcodes correctly would help make their job easier. We then embedded those videos into the the eLearning and followed up each video with an interactive questionnaire that allowed the employees to try scanning their own barcodes! This drove home what our learners already took away from the videos and allowed them to test the new procedure before having to use it while working with a customer. 



Articulate Storyline, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition


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