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Hi there!
Hi there! I’m Taylor! I design and create eLearning for businesses and organizations that uses proven training methods and puts user experience first. I’ve found that most eLearning designers are passionate about either learning theories or visuals but struggle when it comes to combining both.

I’m the eLearning designer who bridges that gap, knowing that the modern learner need both of these to succeed! The eLearning and training tools I design visually engage learners while at the same time, are developed from training theories that work.  eLearning shouldn’t look like it was designed by your great aunt! My designs are modern, compelling and engaging!

My eLearning designs give my clients the best tools out there to ensure their employees can gain the skills and knowledge needed to meet their business’s goals. I’ll get the right tools into your learner’s hands to guarantee your business’s next training is a success! So let’s connect and get your team the best eLearning out there!

"eLearning shouldn't look like it was designed by your Great Aunt"

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